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The History of Pounds Labs
Pounds Labs, Inc. was founded in Austin, Texas, in 1976 by Danny Pounds. Danny opened the lab with just ten employees and basic photo-finishing equipment. His goal was to meet the growing demand for products and services in the professional photography industry. Through a series of acquisitions and investments in technology, Pounds Labs expanded in terms of customers, volume, and services.

Pounds Labs Acquisitions:

1981  Zintgraph Photographic Labs, Dallas and Houston

1982  Photo Processors, Austin

1990 – 5P, Houston

1996 – Meisel Visual Imaging Portrait Division, Dallas; and Protecol, Houston

2003 – Wallace Color Lab, San Angelo

2009  K&K Color Lab, Portland 

In addition to building our company, Danny Pounds also built a support system to encourage the professional development of our customers. Throughout the years, Pounds Labs has sponsored workshops, speakers, and seminars to provide education to photographers. In 1991, Danny Pounds was recognized for his leadership in this important role when he received the PPA National Award for Meritorious Contributions to the Photography Industry. In 2008, Sales Executive Carl Clark also received this prestigious award for continuing the tradition of promoting the success of professional photographers.

Today, Pounds serves digital photographers across the United States from our production facility and Customer Service Center in Dallas, Texas. With more than 100 digital technicians and a team of experienced, knowledgeable and friendly Customer Service representatives, Pounds continues to innovate ways to meet the challenges and opportunities in the professional imaging industry.