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Accordion Books

Accordion Books are compact and beautiful, with exactly the right amount of space to showcase a special event or individual. Choose 3x3 or wallet (2.75x3.75) size. Both sizes have hard covers, similar to our hard cover press books, at both ends.

Select from 4 papers and 4 finishing options. Wallet size books have 6 two sided pages and 2 cover image panels. Our 3x3 books have 5 two sided pages and 2 cover image panels. A minimum order of 3 is required. Use accordion books as incentives for your customers to place larger orders or simply as added value in your existing packages.

Enormously popular with brides and seniors, our larger Accordion Books are available in 4x8 and 5x10. They have a traditional hard book cover with two page options. The single page option opens like a book with the accordion pages folding out from the right side.  You can add a single image to the inside cover and the rest of your images to the accordion folded page on the right side. The dual page option opens from the center with pages folding out from each side. This allows for single images on each folded panel or double page spreads. This blend of quality, sophistication and style creates a product your clients will order again and again.  

Accordion Books just got dramatic! Our metal cover panels will lend an air of sophistication and quality to an already popular product. Clients can choose either brushed or radiant finishes in 3x3 or wallet (2.75 x 3.75) size formats. Covers are magnetic to ensure secure closure. Wallet size books have 12 interior and 2 cover image panels. Our 3x3 books have 10 interior and 2 cover image panels. Metal cover panels are attached directly to the accordion page panels creating a sleek professional look that clients will love. 

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