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Premium Press Proof Books
Pounds Premium Press Proof Books are an upgraded proofing product with a choice of hard or soft covers. They are perfect for customers that want to purchase all of their images in a keepsake book instead of proof prints. These 8x10 horizontal and vertical books have the same hand-bound quality of Pounds Press Books. The PROS Press Book Creation catalog has page layouts with four to twenty image nodes and a full range of customization options. For your page backgrounds we offer colors, background art and opacity levels. Image nodes include colorization choices, border styles and colors, drop shadows and optional watermarks. Refer to the Press Book cover and paper choices for the fine finishing features that are available. As always, color correction and retouching services can be ordered so you can provide your customers with professional studio products. There is a minimum of 20 page sides and a maximum of 100 page sides for binding.

Spiral Bound Press Proof Books
Spiral Bound Press Proof Books are an affordable and convenient way for your customers to view and share proofs from portrait sessions, weddings, and other events. Use our cover layouts to personalize your proof books with images and text. Save time by building your pages with our PROS design features. You'll find the same page layout options as Pounds Premium Press Books, including background choices, image colorization, borders, and watermarks. Make it easy for your customers to order enlargements, albums, and other products by including file ID's with each image. Or, omit the image ID's and Spiral Bound Press Proof Books become finished products for add-on sales or package upgrades. The PROS Press Proof Pages catalog has layouts for pages with four to twenty image nodes and covers. There is a maximum of 80 pages for binding.

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