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Pic-a-Pac & Memory Mate Packaging
All Pic-a-Pac and Memory Mate Insert prints are packaged in our Pic-a-Pac Portrait Envelope. One of the key elements of this packaging system is a 3.5x5 Summary Card that sits in a clear film pocket on the outside of the envelope. The Summary Card includes a thumbnail of the image, order and sequence number, the original file name and package contents. It also includes your studio name, phone number and optional subject information. In addition to individual packaging at no additional charge, all Pic-a-Pac orders will be returned with all the specialty items that were ordered for that image inside the envelope with the prints. Specialty items that will not fit in the envelope are packaged separately.

Pic-a-Pac Prints
3 Day Turnaround

Pic-a-Pac prints are delivered in full or half uncut 8x10 units and are ideal for the sports and event photographer. Metallic paper is available at no additional charge.

Memory Mate Insert Prints
3 Day Turnaround

Memory Mate Insert prints are cut into individual prints (except wallets) and are perfect for placing into memory mate mounts. Metallic paper is available at no additional charge.

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