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Fine Art Prints

One of the great advantages of digital imaging is the much larger array of papers that can be printed on to create the look and feel of anything from tray processed fiber prints to oil painting on canvas.

Pounds can reproduce your digital creations by printing directly on canvas or to a watercolor-like paper that is reminiscent of fiber prints.

To further enhance these fine art prints, bordered images and torn edges are available with the watercolor papers. Hand torn edges will add a ragged edge feature and adding a border provides a defined showcase area for you to sign your work.

These prints are more fragile than the photographic prints we have all become used to, so a protective coating is applied to each one. This coating provides a measure of protection, but as with fine art, care should still be taken when handling and working with these prints.

To provide your customer with a truly outstanding product, finish Fine Art Prints with mounting on our traditional surfaces such as artboard, masonite, gatorfoam, or sintra. Torn edge prints will be floated with an approximately 1/2 inch recess from the mount edge to the print edge providing a dimensional relief effect.

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