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MVP Full Service

MVP is a division of Pounds Photo Lab providing volume youth sports and group photographers a premium full-service ordering process and a wide variety of products to support their clients.

The MVP process is tailored to volume photographers requiring services from order entry through individual ship-to-home packaging. This allows you to focus on photo day, growing your business, and leaving the backroom work to the lab.

You will need to establish an MVP account for billing and support purposes. Exclusively for MVP customers, our MVP Customer Center provides a comprehensive online service center.

You can also contact us at 800-293-9055 to speak directly to an MVP customer care representative.

MVP Customer Center
MVP Customer Center is a complete online interactive job information and customer data center. Within Customer Center, you will find job tracking details on every aspect of your jobs. Real time job information is available at various levels of detail you choose. Already shipped jobs remain available for detailed viewing for 12 months, so follow-ups are easy. Accounting information, reports, customer service center functions, and much more are available within the MVP Customer Center.

Data Entry
MVP job processing services will free up a studio’s valuable time so you can devote more effort toward building your business and concentrate on satisfying your customers. Studios will send us their order envelopes and images and we’ll take care of the rest!

Drop Ship Service
MVP order delivery services include ship to home, coach, league, or school.

Photographers who submit their work through our MVP process are able to take advantage of Ez-Reorder.com™. This system allows consumers (parents) to purchase additional products from the photographer directly through the Ez-Reorder.com™ internet site, without disturbing the photographer. Consumers log on using their unique ID number and enjoy secure viewing of their child's pictures and can subsequently order from the MVP product line. Because the photographer's studio name appears at the top of the screen, Ez-Reorder.com™ appears to be an extension of the photographer's own website. Additional profits from these aftermarket sales can be a boost to seasonal business. Ez-Reorder.com™ is also an excellent tool for processing consumer requested corrections.

  • Streamlines the costly and time consuming reorder process
  • Gives parents more control and satisfaction
  • Photographer receives a monthly check for Ez-Reorder activity
  • Photographer can set their own prices on the site
  • Streamlines processing consumer requested corrections
  • Security system so only parents can view their own child's pictures


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