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Pounds Labs Educational Opportunities
Pounds offers professional development and education for photographers by sponsoring free seminars, workshops and one-on-one training. Our goal is to provide customers with opportunities to:

  • Improve digital photography skills
  • Optimize back-office workflow
  • Use creative techniques for product design
  • Market and sell services and products online
  • Network and share information with other professional photographers

Pounds Digital Workshops are presented monthly in online GoToMeeting sessions, and at our Service Centers. Information about our schedule and locations is available at the Digital Workshop registration section of our web site. All of these workshops are free for Pounds customers.

We're constantly updating our roster of workshops, if you don't see the one you're looking for on our calendar, please check back next month.

Photoshop FUN-damentals Upcoming Dates
Introduction to Photoshop CS4

This initial basic workshop will include preferences, tools, brushes, layers, color correction, and other basic functions. It will conclude with a short introduction to the 5-week series, Photoshop-Enomics.

Photoshop-Enomics Upcoming Dates

Our five-week series includes information on masks, curves and techniques to improve your Photoshop proficiency. Each week will build on the previous weeks material.

At the end of the series, you will have a basic understanding of the tools, possibilities and challenges present in Photoshop. Each participant will receive a CD with images that can be used for practice, background texture images and some Photoshop templates that will be used during the course of instruction.
The project theme throughout the series is Press Book and Flush Mount Album design with an emphasis on the correct ways to accomplish different tasks in Photoshop. Upon completion, you should have the ability to create either a Flush Mount Album or Press Book using the provided templates or your own designs.

All courses are taught by Cyd Byrd, of Jim Byrd Photography. She is an expert in the day-to-day use of Photoshop in a studio environment.
Bring your laptop with Photoshop CS4 installed. Space is limited to 15 people. This is a continuing series so please register only if you will be able to attend each workshop.

Digital Basics  Upcoming Dates
Improve your photography and increase productivity in your studio with an introduction to digital imaging. You’ll learn about the functions of a professional digital camera, image resolution, file management and digital workflow. From the camera, to Pounds and back to your studio, each step of the digital imaging process will be explained.

Digital Workflow Essentials  Upcoming Dates
Reduce your production time with tips from Pounds for managing your back-office workflow. We’ll discuss digital image files including RAW, JPG, and RAW conversion. You’ll also learn to calibrate your computer monitor. Basic knowledge of digital imaging and software are required to benefit from all the time-saving techniques we will present.

Creative Product Design with PROS Layout Tool   Upcoming Dates
Learn to use the PROS Layout Tool, a quick and easy alternative to using software like Photoshop to design products. The focus is on Pounds Press Books but you can customize all your orders with the options we cover. We’ll teach you how to build page layouts by adding image nodes, borders, text, and different backgrounds. This is an advanced workshop for photographers that understand PROS and want to learn the creative capabilities of the Layout Tool.

PASS: Products, Price Lists, and Packages  Upcoming Dates
New users of PASS, Pounds Automated Sales System, are invited to attend this session on building their online storefronts. Learn how to use the PASS Input and Selection options to market, sell, and fulfill orders for products from Pounds. We’ll also cover how to create packages and offer unique studio items. Develop a strategy for multiple price lists so that you can compete in any market. Once you master these basics, PASS can become your silent sales partner – with no commission fees!

PASS 3.0: Flash and Content Updates  Upcoming Dates
If you are a current PASS user, and you’re ready to re-launch your web site with the new flash templates from Pounds, this is the class for you. Even if you are satisfied with your existing PASS storefront, you will benefit from the information we present on adding new pages and content. The PASS 3.0 workshop is especially designed for customers that understand how important it is to have a fresh, contemporary presence in a competitive professional photography marketplace. Come share your concerns, and get the simple solutions we’ve built into the new PASS to make your studio more profitable.

PROS, PASS and Open Forum  Upcoming Dates
This workshop demonstrates PROS, the remote ordering system for sending orders to Pounds. You’ll also learn how to use PASS to post images and sell products online. As an Open Forum, the agenda is set by you, so you can ask questions, share ideas, and bring up topics you want to discuss.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom  Upcoming Dates
Learn how to improve your workflow with Lightroom. Appropriate for all levels.

Online workshops will be conducted using a system called GoTo Meeting which is free to the viewer and is very easy to configure. Each meeting will be limited to 13 attendees and communication can be accomplished with a headset and microphone plugged into your computer or with a long distance telephone call. If you can’t make extended long distance calls, we may be able to arrange to call you. If you would like us to initiate the call please email the phone number to vviera@poundslabs.com along with which workshop you have signed up for.

Each mini workshop should last about 45 minutes to one hour and we will attempt to answer any questions related directly to the topic at hand and any other questions based on the available time. 

Please register at least one or more days before your selected workshop. We will try to accommodate last minute registrations but they may get overlooked. If the times above do not fit your schedule please let us know a desired day and time.