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Pounds offers our customers Printeli, one of the best values in online studio marketing and sales. Our e-commerce solution gives you all the benefits of expensive “membership” services, and is easier to launch than the do-it-yourself alternative that requires you to shop for web hosting and a personal SSL certificate. Not only is Printeli convenient and affordable, our no-commission policy allows you to keep the profits from your sales!

You can integrate Printeli into your current website or create a new site using our design tools to customize one of our modern and attractive templates. Either way, you can use your domain name for consistent studio branding and privacy while you showcase a variety of your photography in specific image galleries. Additional features include providing passwords to your customers, protecting your copyright with watermarks, posting separate price sheets for portraits and events and accepting payments from the methods you choose. All of these options, and more, are available with Printeli.

After you register for the Printeli service and have spoken with a Printeli service specialist to provide us with any additional customizing information, you will be able to set up your storefront and start selling.

Please note that you must be a Pounds Customer with a credit card on file to use Printeli.

For more information, please visit the Printeli Information Site. If you have any questions regarding Printeli services, need help registering or setting up your site, please contact Printeli Help and we will happily assist you.