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Shopping Cart

The Cart window displays the product items that have been added to an order along with the associated detail. Options that will apply to the entire order are also selected in this window. The Cart window has features that allow making changes to quantity and allow editing or deleting a product item. A tool that will completely clear out the cart also exists. The shopping cart is accessed by either selecting the View Cart menu item in the upper-right side of the application window or by selecting the Cart button in the Product Toolbar in the package product review area. The Cart has controls to complete and send the order to the lab or save the order for submission at a later time and this is the final place to review an order before submitting it to Pounds for production.

Cart Item

Each item ordered displays the package grouping sequence, a thumbnail representing the created product, and options that were selected for the product. Pricing and quantity are also indicated. Tools exist to modify each package item as well as delete it from the Cart. The sequence of the package within the cart can also be changed.

Each package item pane contains the following left to right progression of information:

Records Package Number is the sequence indicator for the added package. The sequence of the package can be changed by clicking on the three bars below the sequence number, then dragging it up or down within the Cart and dropping it between two package panes.

Photo is the item thumbnail presentation as it appeared when created during the product review. Double-clicking on the product thumbnail photo will perform similarly to the Edit tool.

Size & Images are listed below the Photo and display the product layout label and file names for all images in that ordered product.

Applied Options lists the option selections applied to the product. These can be modified using the Edit tool.

Price displays the base price of the item.

Quantity displays the ordered package quantity and the contained product quantity and is a field for changing the quantity of an item. If needed, simply change the quantity in the field and press the Enter key.

Total displays the extended total price of the package and the contained product price including all options and quantities.

Edit will close the Cart window and open the product in the package product review window when selected (single-click) and allow for modification of the crop, options, or even replace the image itself. The product layout and options can then be saved back to the Cart. Alternatively, double-clicking on the item thumbnail photo will perform similarly to the Edit tool.

Delete will remove the item from the Cart. Single-clicking on Delete will present another prompt to Remove. Click Remove if desired. There is no un-delete feature, so be careful when selecting Delete.

Order Options

The Order Options pane is on the right side of the shopping cart window and selections will apply to the entire order or groups of designated products within an order. The option sections can be opened or collapsed by clicking on the arrow icon on the left side of the section. Some options are set by default. To select or change an option, select the respective radio button or check box.

Each Catalog has specific available order options. Some examples of common Records order options are listed below.

Purchase Order

The Purchase Order field allows for naming an order. We encourage adding purchase order detail to every order. This information will track into our production and invoicing systems and provide a useful identification resource. This name will help our customer service representatives search for an order if the work order number is unknown. Suggested information includes providing a partial client or event name and shoot date. This field has a 20 character limit.

Special Instructions

Special Instructions enables a text field which allows entry of special instructions to be sent with an order. Our technicians and customer service representatives will be presented with any information included in the Special Instructions field.

Color Correction

The Color Correction order option selection indicates to Pounds that the images in the order should be inspected and color corrected in the lab or no inspection and color correction should be performed.

Lab Corrected: You require image color/density correction by Pounds professionals.

Studio Corrected: You maintain your own image calibration for Pounds output and do not require any color/density correction by Pounds Labs.

Lab Corrected pricing is displayed in Records. If you select the Studio Corrected order option, the pricing display does not change, however the actual order invoice will reflect accurate pricing. You can review our Studio Corrected (Non-Color Corrected) pricing in our Price Catalog which can be accessed through the Home Screen of the Records program.

Paper Type

Available paper types are dependent on the Catalog and cannot be mixed due to production processes.

Promotional Discount

The Promotional Discount order option is where Promo Codes for an order should be entered. The discount pricing is not reflected in the Records order display, but will be updated in the final invoice.

Cart Controls

The Cart has controls that will completely clear items from the Cart to start a new order. The Cart also has controls that will return you to the package product review area, complete and send the order to the lab, save the order for submission at a later time, render product images, or display a printable package report.

Clear Cart will create a new order, discarding the current order. If the current order contains items, this action will change the button display to the confirmation prompt:

Click on the button if that action is desired. If not, then click elsewhere to reset the button.

Show Receipt will allow review of and printing an order detail. This is covered in more depth in the Order Completion section.

Render allows photographers to generate rendered image files of the products contained in an order and save them to a folder for a desired purpose outside of Records, such as providing a customer with a cropping proof. Each rendered image file appears similarly to the Records product presentation and also embeds a generic watermark. Due to the significant size and purpose of Records orders, this isn't necessarily a relevant process. More detail can be found in the Render Items section.

Continue Shopping closes the Cart window and returns to the Ordering window allowing for additional product creation.

Complete and send order will open the Order Completion wizard that will finalize the order and upload it to Pounds. Additional shipping options are available in the completion process. For more details, see the Order Completion page.

Save for later enables functionality to save the current order and recall it at a later time for additional editing or submission to Pounds. Clicking on this tool will open a field that allows naming the saved order.

Simply enter an identifiable and relevant name into the field and press the Enter key. The order will then be saved and can be later recalled from the Uploads menu. The lower pane in the Uploads window will contain saved orders. A saved order can either be reloaded for additional editing and submission or it can be deleted.

Order Tally

The bottom of the Cart window will display the quantity of items (Prints) and the quantity of images added to the Cart. The total image size and product pricing are also displayed.

Order Send

When the Records items have been added to the cart after the review process and order options such as entering a purchase order, selecting paper type, color correction or no color correction and adding any other special instructions have been completed, then the order is ready to be sent to the lab.

When you are ready to send the order, click the “Complete and send order” button and follow the instructions in the Order Completion wizard that will finalize the order and upload it to Pounds. Additional shipping options are available in the completion process. For more details, see the Order Completion page.