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Subject Information and Images Import

After packages have been created and the event has been added, the next step to creating an order is to associate the subject information contained in the data file and add the images to the event.

Subject Info and Images Wizard

****You will need to know the file location of your saved data file and images.****

Select the event to be ordered and then select the Subject Info button in the bottom right corner of the events maintenance window to begin the event subject info data file association.

The Subject Info button will open the event wizard window.
Select the "Import data from a csv file" radio button. Then click Next.

The data file navigation window will open. Navigate to the location of the required csv data file. Select the file and click the Open button.

A data review window will be displayed allowing for verification that the data is properly aligned.
Verify that the checkbox for "First Row Has Field Names" checked.
Verify that the Separator Character field contains a COMMA.
The "Fields Are Quoted With:" and "Fields Are Tab Separated" boxes should be unchecked.
Click Next when satisfied with the data preview to populate the data table.

After the data table has been populated, the wizard window will indicate that the data table is set up and will prompt for the package group to be selected.

Select the required package group for the event from the Package Group pull down. Click Next.

After the package group has been selected, the wizard will prompt to associate the images required for the event.
Select the "Yes, let me select the images now" radio button. Then click Next.

The image file navigation window will open. Navigate to the location of the folder containing the images required for the event. Click the Open button.

The wizard will populate the image thumbnails into the Events Images pane. The data and images are now ready to be matched.

Setting Packages

Before you can review your order for submission to the lab, you must ensure that all of your package data is set and entered correctly.

Highlight the “Packages” field and then click the “Use as Packages” button.

Package fields without errors will be highlighted in GREEN. All package fields must be highlighted in GREEN in order to continue to the Order Review process.

If you highlight a different line, other than Packages, have incorrectly formatted package entries, or have invalid packages, you will see any erred package fields displayed with PINK highlights.

The most common problem resulting in package errors is forgetting to change the “Package Separator” from the default comma, to a semi-colon which is required for processing. Once the change has been made, Events will hold the selection for future orders. This can be reviewed and adjusted in the subject information settings cog.

Subject Information Settings for package format, separator, and the package group selection can be adjusted for an event.

Match Images

Events will match the images and data by identifying the image file names and then display the images within the data pane for each corresponding data record.

To begin the matching process, highlight the “Images” field by clicking on it.

Then click the “Images” button and choose “Match Images” from the selection menu.

When asked, “Do you wish to browse to find the images in these fields?” click the “Use Thumbnails” button.

After the images are matched they will appear under the corresponding data record for each image.

If you have an “Images2” field, e.g. team images, repeat the previous steps for matching images.

After additional images are matched, they should appear under the corresponding data record for each image.

Verify that a thumbnail image is in EVERY column before proceeding with the order review process.