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Render Items

Render Items allows photographers to generate rendered image files of the items contained in an order and save them to a folder for a desired purpose outside of Records or ProMatch Events, such as providing a customer with a cropping proof or book page proof. Each rendered image file appears similarly to the Records or ProMatch Events item presentation and also embeds a generic watermark.

Render Items Tool

The Render Items feature is accessed in the Shopping Cart window.

The Render Items tool button is located in the upper right corner of the Cart pane.

Render Items Dialogue

Selecting the Render Items tool button will open a dialogue window that will allow navigation to a folder where the rendered files will be saved. Selecting Continue will proceed with the process. Selecting Cancel will return to the Shopping Cart window.

After selecting Continue, a navigation window will open. Parent folders and sub-folders can be set up on the system prior to using the Render Items tool or they can be set up using the new folder feature in the navigation window. Be sure to label the folders with meaningful names so they can be located easily later.

When the final destination sub-folder has been navigated to or created, then click on the Open button. The rendering process will begin. In this example, a folder labeled PROSrender was created inside the My Documents folder on the system. Then the final destination folder where the rendered files will be saved was created and labeled 20131202_JulieSr.

After clicking Open on the final destination folder, the rendering process will begin and a progress bar will open to the right of the Render Items tool button. When the progress bar disappears, the item image rendering has completed.

Accessing Rendered Item Images

The rendered item images will be located on the computer system in a folder that was selected using the Records or ProMatch Events Render Items tool. Use the computer system's navigation tools to locate the destination folder, then the images can be accessed, reviewed, and utilized as desired.

Rendered Item Images

The rendered images will be saved in jpeg format. Each image file is named with the respective item number as displayed in the Cart. These images will reflect the same display as the product layout in Records or ProMatch Events during the review and will include any presentation art, as well as orientation and bleed guides. In addition, all rendered item images contain a generic watermark.

The watermark is generic and cannot be customized.