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Records Order Review

This review process will allow you to make changes to the image cropping and review the data in each package product before submitting the order to the lab for processing. In some cases, you can directly edit the subject text entries in the product if desired.

After you have verified that the entire package row is highlighted GREEN, indicating that all package data is valid, verify once again that you have a thumbnail for every individual and group image. If any changes are made, save the table again. Now you are ready to begin reviewing your order.

Order Product Review

If not already verified, click on the Subject Information Settings cog in the lower right corner of the Records window to be sure the desired package group is selected and displayed. To begin the review order process, click the Start Review button. This will then open the Preferences dialogue window.

In the Preferences dialogue window, select the items required for the order review. After preferences have been set, click OK.

The Start Review dialogue window will then open. Select Review All.

The ordering interface screen will appear allowing you to review text and adjust the image cropping for each product that has been added for each package.

Review Tools

The Records review toolbar will appear below each package product providing features to move from product to product during the review, use the auto-review process, or stop the review. A product sequence indicator is also displayed.

  Previous Product  Allows navigation to the previously reviewed package product. This can be used to go back to review package products that have been previously cropped and reviewed in the sequence.

  Next Product  Allows navigation to the next package product. This should be selected after a package product has been cropped and reviewed to move forward in the review process.

  Product Sequence  Displays the current package product sequence and the total number of package products in the order. While reviewing the order you can see how many total products there are by looking just to the right of the “Next” button. We recommend not exceeding 400 - 450 items per order.

  Auto-Review  Allows you to set an initial image crop on a package product the first time it is encountered and then automatically adds text and images using the initial crops to all package products until one is encountered that has not yet been reviewed. The auto-review process can be stopped in order to modify a crop or text by selecting the Cancel button and then can be resumed again by selecting the Auto-Review tool.

  Cancel Review  Allows exiting the process to revise the products or data file in the Records window. A dialogue window will appear allowing you to return to the order review or canceling the review process. Previously reviewed items are not saved and will need to be reviewed again if the review is cancelled. Another option is available to add what has been reviewed to the order cart and cancel out of the order at that point. Remember to save the table if any changes are made to the data.

Image Cropping Tools

Drag the image within the package product during the review process with the mouse to change the cropping position of an image. A toolbar containing tools for scaling zoom and rotation will appear below the image node within the package product display when clicking on the image node.


Hovering the mouse over each control shows a summary of its function. Clicking on the control or moving the slider bar will display the respective image changes within the package product display. These have the following functionality:

Lock Image holds the image in a node by ignoring drags and drops. This tool is only enabled on multi-node products.

Crop or Fit allows you to switch between being able to crop the image and not being able to crop the image. Fit will scale the image so that the image bounds are entirely within the product bounds; this frequently introduces white space into the product or displays the background and is useful for proof sheets or in products where the full frame image is desired.

Image Zoom displays a slider that can be moved with your mouse to change the scale of the image within the package product. Zoom can also be changed by clicking on the image within the product and using the mouse scroll button.

image rotation counterRotate Image 90º Counter-Clockwise will rotate the image in 90º counter-clockwise increments

image rotation clockwiseRotate Image 90º Clockwise will rotate the image in 90º clockwise increments

rotation toggleRotation Toggle The triangle to the right of the Rotate Image buttons will display a rotation slider that allows rotation of the image in 1º increments to 180º in each direction.


rotation toggle Rotation Slider is a slider that allows rotation of the image in 1º increments to 180º in each direction, center is 0º. Use the mouse to move the slider to achieve the desired rotation. Move the slider to the left for counter-clockwise rotation and to the right for clockwise rotation. Click on the rotation buttons to the left or right side of the slider to change the rotation in 1º increments. A set value can also be entered into the field to the right of the slider.

Package Product Review Examples

The Summary Print product example below displays the text and image associated with the packages and image in the data file. This will be included on the packaging summary print placed on the image's packaging envelope.

The memory mate product displayed below is a common example of a multi-image product. These typically contain an individual image and a group image as mapped from the data file. The associated subject data is also displayed. If the text "Year" or "YEAR or "Yr" is displayed as non-editable text, this data is automatically displayed in the final printed product with the current year.

Records is a very memory intense program. When building an order it is recommended that you not have Java intense programs open. While reviewing an order you can monitor memory usage of the program by mousing-over the Memory Monitor in the upper toolbar of the screen. You can double click on the clock to free up some memory. If it gets close to using most of the available memory we recommend saving the order then shutting down and reopening Records to clear the memory.

Common Review Issues

Interrupt Review

While proceeding through the review, the review can be stopped if errors are encountered in order to resolve the issues. Selecting the Cancel Review tool button on the toolbar will open a dialogue window and provide options for interrupting the review.

  • Return to Review will return you to the review process at the point where the Cancel Review tool was selected.

  • Cancel Review will allow you to return to the Records window and edit the data file or product. Previously reviewed items are not saved and will need to be reviewed again if the review is cancelled.

  • Cancel and Add to Order will add what has been reviewed to the order cart and cancel out of the order review at that point. This is useful if you need to save an order to finish at a later time or if you desire to split your shoot into multiple orders.

Product Options

The available options for each product will be presented in the Options pane during the review. These may include text or product color selections or other additional services that are product specific. Be sure to observe the "Hold options" setting and the options that are set on each product during the review. These can be adjusted from the Cart by editing the item if they are not noticed during the review.

Missing Text

During the review process, text will populate the display as it was entered in the data file. You may notice that the text is not appearing in the review display. This is likely due to a data mapping error or missing data for the image.

Data fields can be mapped or modified via the Associate Fields button.

Product fields can be mapped by dragging the data field button from the bottom of the screen into the product node. Existing field mapping in a node can be deleted if desired.

The example below is missing the team name.

At this point, you can cancel the review by selecting the Cancel Review tool button and then selecting Cancel Review from the dialogue window and return to the Records window to edit the data file or product.

In this example, the data file label "Team name" does not match the mapped field "Team Name" in the package product.

The field headers in your data file must match the text node field mapping in your package product EXACTLY or that data will not be added to the product.

NOTE: The field mapping in the package product is THE EXACT SAME TEXT as the data file field label, encapsulated by the "less than" < and "greater than" > symbols. For example, if the data file field label is Team Name, then the mapping in the package product must be <Team Name>.

The solution for this example was to edit the data file field to match the mapping in the product.

Once the mapping match was adjusted, the review will need to be started again and will resume from the beginning. The example below displays the resolved text field data mismatch during the review .

Below is another example where the review demonstrates that data is missing during the review due to a data mapping error.

The trader card product example below is missing the position and league name text in the review display. The weight field is also empty, however that is intentional.

The "Position" data field label is not spelled correctly in data file, hence does not match package product field data mapping.

By correcting the data field label, the position text data mapping mismatch is resolved.

The next step is to identify the cause of the league data problem. In this case, the data field label does not match the package product field mapping. Note the data file label was "League" and the package product mapping is "School or League."

By double-clicking the data field in the package product, the program will present a magnified view allowing you to more easily read the field mapping and modify if needed.

After modifying the data field label in the data file, the problems are resolved and display properly during the review.

Be sure to save your data file anytime you make changes.

Complete Package Product Review

When you get to the last item in the review and click next, you will see the review completion dialogue window.
Choose “Add Items to Order.” The package products will then be added to the Cart for sending.

Shopping Cart and Order Send

When the Records items have been added to the Cart after the review process, the order will be submitted to the lab like a standard PROS order. You can enter a purchase order, paper type, color correction or no color correction and any other special instructions. When you are ready to send, click the “Complete and send order” button and follow the instructions.

See the Shopping Cart page for more information.

Helpful Reminders

  • The speed of your computer restricts how big your orders can be. We recommend, for the average computer, for your order not to exceed 200 - 250 images.

  • Although the maximum file size when sending is 4GB, the average computer will only allow for 1GB.

  • While reviewing the order, you can see how many total prints are in the order by looking just to the right of the “Next” button. We recommend not exceeding 400 - 450 items per order.

  • Records uses a lot of memory. When building an order, it is recommended that you not have other Java intense programs open.

  • While reviewing an order, you can monitor memory usage of the program by mousing-over the clock image in the top toolbar of the program window. You can double-click on the clock to free up some memory. If it gets close to using most of the available memory, we recommend saving the order and then shutting down and reopening Records to clear the memory.

  • To split an order into pieces, you can have the full data table imported into Records and then highlight a column, scroll to another column and while holding down your shift key, click on the end column to highlight all in a line. You can then click on: Add and Remove - Remove Columns. When splitting an order be careful not to duplicate individual orders.

  • To make the review order process easier and to save time, make sure all your thumbnails are the same orientation. This saves from having to continually rotate images in the package product review.

  • Be very careful with your options. The hold option will transfer from one product to the next regardless of whether or not you have the hold options button checked. If you add a plaque to a memory mate, be sure to check and be sure that option did not carry over to the next memory mate order.

  • To map your fields to match the text nodes, you can click on the field name in your data file and change the field name.

  • DO NOT create a package without contents - if you do and you bypass the errors - the order is unrecoverable.

  • Every Print Summary must have a unique image. Use “No Package” or “Team Only” JPG's if needed.

  • Tutorial videos are also available


Save An Order To Be Completed Later

The following will show how to save a Records order to be completed at a later time. It is important to identify the image sequence where you interrupt the review process to stop and save an order for later completion. Be sure the data table you are working from in Records has been saved.

If you need to save an order to finish at a later time, click on the “Cancel Review” button during the package product review process and choose “Cancel and Add to Order.”

This will add all previously reviewed items to the Cart window. Open the Cart window.

In the lower-right corner of the Cart window, choose “Save for later.” Label the order so it can be identified later in the Uploads window.

To reopen a saved order, go to the Uploads window and identify the order in the Saved Carts section and click on "Load Order.”

The prompt will change to "Reopen Cart?". Click the icon again. The previously added package products will be displayed in the Cart window.

To proceed with adding the remainder of package products to the order, open the Records window. Then open the saved table for the order. Be sure the correct package group is selected.

Select the remainder of images in the data file display that still need to be reviewed. Use Ctrl or Shift keys to highlight desired selections. The records associated with the selected image columns will be reviewed.

Once the images have been highlighted, click "Start Review." The Start Review dialogue will open, select "Review Selected."

Continue the process of reviewing package products and complete the order.