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Welcome to the Events and Records Users Guide. To learn about various topics, choose from the menu on the left.

ProMatch Events and Records are two ordering programs for the volume sport, school and event photographer. Both have similar functionality, however ProMatch Events will be used by photographers using the ProMatch order entry and image organization system processes. Using a spreadsheet or data file, both ProMatch Events and Records allow for a volume order with data to be matched with corresponding images for processing. Once a database is created with all the required subject and order data, an event can be created in the program and the photographer can import the database and select a folder of images to easily match the images to the corresponding records in the data file. The photographer can then create and assign packages from numerous product choices, then review, crop or modify the order before submission for production.

  • Optimized for volume sport, school and other mass data event photography.

  • Similar functionality as PROS with the added ability to enter order data in a spreadsheet format that will be applied to defined packages.

  • Create groups and packages.

  • Create, import and modify data.

  • Map data fields.

  • Review order for cropping and data.

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