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School Products

Undergrad School

Undergrad photographers have a unique set of needs. A wide variety of quality products, a dedicated streamlined ordering process and superb customer service are all essential. Pounds excels at fulfilling these needs. We understand volume photography better than anyone in the industry and have a team of professionals dedicated to your success.

Contact us for more information related to our Undergrad School Services. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help you build your school photography business and exceed your school day contract needs.

Undergrad Prints
Undergrad printing allows you to create premium to economical packages and ala carte offerings from a variety of full and half unit print configurations on either traditional lustre or vibrant metallic paper. Image retouching is available.

Graphic Border Prints
Our impressive array of undergrad graphic products, designer borders and unique styles will have schools and parents alike wondering if you have your own design team! There is never an upcharge from standard unit pricing.

Green Screen Specialty Prints
We can help you knock out your competition! In addition to our large library of green screen backgrounds, we have 9 new contemporary and fun green screen specialty print styles. Moms and Grandmas find these irresistible. Add them to your packages today!

School Days Print Books
Print Package Books are an affordable, fun and convenient alternative to traditional print packaging. Books contain customizable print unit package combinations on pro premium paper with a heavy-weight glossy cover. We have several cover template designs to suit any age group, from preschool to seniors, or you can design your own!

Convenient packaging makes identification and distribution easy and saves you time! Pounds has created a unique packaging envelope with a package summary print that identifies each student and includes pertinent information like school, teacher, grade and homeroom as well as package content information.

Service Items
We offer a variety of individual photo strips and class label sheets to satisfy your school's service item requirements.

ID Cards
Student and staff ID cards can be printed using our custom design services, stock templates or your studio created designs. Printing is available on one or two sides and is available in slotted or non-slotted horizontal or vertical configurations.

Class Groups
Classroom Group graphic prints are available in 5x7, 6x8 and 8x10 size options with multiple designs to suit all student age levels, including options for student names, titles, school name and year. Prints are packaged in window envelopes and bundled by class on request.

Composite Prints
Class composites and custom large group prints are available as 8x10 up to 40x60.

Novelty Items
Grow your business and increase your profits! Showcasing a wide variety of novelty products is a guaranteed way to increase profit margins. These are easy add-ons to every school package. More

Yearbook, Database & Image CDs
PMAI Standard Yearbook CDs and Database CDs are a must have for your school jobs. Individual Image CDs with various special effect images are available for your packages.

Money Envelopes
Four-color money envelopes are a necessity for any pre-paid ordering program. These 8.5x13.75 order forms contain a 6.25 inch pocket with a handy tear-off strip to allow for easy removal of checks and cash. Your customized packages and price sheet are kept on file for effortless updates and re-orders. More

Picture Day Essentials
Pounds is your one-stop source for all your Picture Day needs. These Picture Day Essentials themes will help you drive more sales on picture day. You won’t miss a beat with our coordinating Posters, Reminder Notices, Money Envelopes and Stickers.

Pounds proofing programs allow for easy ordering. Portrait images are conveniently displayed with package and product offerings, generating immediate interest and higher sales. Photographic proofs can be attached to an order envelope or proofs can be direct printed to stock or customized envelopes.

Green Screen
Green Screen knock-out service is available for properly exposed, white balanced images with no background wrinkles, shadows or "off background" issues. Prints can be made using your backgrounds or ours.