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PROS: Pounds Remote Ordering System Overview


PROS could easily be the single solution in your digital workflow. Once you download PROS and add your account information, you can begin ordering products.

Pounds organized PROS into product catalogs, such as Machine and Package Prints, Press Products, Flush Mount Albums, and Pic-a-Pac. Once you select a catalog and a product, use the “drag and drop” method to add images. Options include image colorization, borders, backgrounds, text, color correction, retouching, finishing, and more.

You do not have to be continually connected to the Internet to use PROS - it can be used anywhere in an offline mode. It saves the lab graphics and templates so the offline functions are identical to being online. Orders can be created and queued to send as a batch when an Internet connection becomes available, or saved locally to be burned to CD or DVD. The order queue is also useful in online mode, where orders can be queued and sent in the background while new orders are being created.

PROS runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Utilizing Sun Microsystems’ versatile Java Web Start mechanism, PROS offers the ease of access of a web page, and the rich capabilities and integration of a true desktop application. Each time you run PROS it verifies that you have both the latest version of the application as well as the list of products from Pounds. If an update is needed it automatically retrieves the latest version. The PROS installation package is digitally signed, ensuring that the downloaded application hasn't been tampered with.

Learn more in the PROS Users Guide.

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Requires 1 GB of ram for installation, if you don't have that available download the smaller version.