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PROS Frequently Asked Questions
Pounds has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to provide you with immediate answers to common issues that arise when customers begin to use PROS. If your question is not included below, or you need further assistance, please feel free to send the PROS Technical Support team an e-mail.

What are the system requirements to run PROS?
PROS will operate on any system that can run Java, including Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.4 or higher. Hard drive space required may vary, so be sure you have enough free space to build, save, and retain order files.


PROS will not start. What could be preventing this?
There are several possible reasons why PROS will not start up, or in some cases not transmit to the lab. We have found it is best to go through these steps in order and always end with cleaning out temporary internet files.

We have found that the home use versions of Antivirus software can prevent PROS from starting. If PRO‟s will not start, try disabling these temporarily and turning them back on after successfully starting and installing shortcuts.

Internet Explorer (IE) Security Settings if set to high may block the ActiveX calls made during the PROS launch. Try resetting Internet Explorer‟s security levels (found in IE under Tools – Internet Options – Security tab) to default.

Internet Explorer Pop-Up Blocker Try turning this off in Internet Explorer under Tools – Pop-up Blocker.

Clear out your Internet Explorer Cache This can be done in IE under Tools – Internet Options. On the first tab, general, look in the center section marked Temporary Internet Files and select Delete Files. Click OK at the confirmation window, wait for the mouse pointer to return to normal from the hourglass, and try the PROS launch again.

If you have run PROS before on the system and it is suddenly failing, after clearing out Temporary Internet Files in the steps above, remove the PROS application from Java Web Start to ensure a fresh download and install. To remove Pros from the Java web start: Select Start - Run, type javaws.exe and press Enter. When the Java Web Application Viewer opens, find the PROS application, highlight it. Select Application and Remove. This will remove PROS from your system along with any desktop shortcuts. To reload, go to the Pounds Labs web site, click ordering tools then download PROS. The java panel can be located in your control panel as well.

Corruption of Java can occur, on a Windows PC, by having several versions of Java running on the system. When Java updates on Windows, it adds another version onto the system as opposed to simply upgrading the existing version. If this issue arises, uninstall all java versions.

Reboot your computer.

Reload Java from the web site at java.com

Re-start PROS from the Pounds Web site. This will check for Java on the system and prompt for a download and install. 

PROS Will Not Launch - Mac
In most circumstances, removal of PROS followed by a freshen-up of Java resolves launch issues. The following steps will help resolve most issues.

  • Search for a folder called .roesENGINEcache and delete it and all its contents.
  • To find the folder on a Mac select the 'Go' menu at the top of your desktop.
  • Select 'Go to Folder.
  • Enter '~/.roesENGINEcache' and delete the folder when it appears.

To reinstall PROS, verify the shortcut on your desktop is no longer present. If the icon did not delete when the cache was cleared, then delete the icon and then click here to launch the application.

PROS Will Not Launch - PC
In most circumstances, removal of PROS and refreshing resolves most issues. Search for a folder called .roes cache and delete it and all its contents.

  • On Windows XP, it can be found in C:Documents and settingsyourusername.roescache On Windows Vista & Windows 7, it can be found in C:Usersyourusername.roescache

Clear your Java cache.

  • Open your control panel and select Java.
  • When the Java Control Panel opens, select Settings.
  • Next, select Delete Files
  • Finally, click OK, make sure both

Next, visit www.java.com & click the "Free Java Download‟ button to ensure you have the latest release of Java. You will be taken through some simple steps if an update is available.

To reinstall PROS, double check the short cuts on your desk top are no longer present. If the icon did not delete with when the cache was cleared, delete it now.


I am getting an "Invalid Argument" at startup, but PROS has worked in the past. What now?
This is usually caused by a corrupt launch file downloaded when PROS starts. Clean out your Internet Explorer cache/Temporary Internet Files as above and re-start PROS.


PROS begins to start and then disappears, and I get an hs_pid_error.txt file on my desktop. What causes this?
This can happen when a corruption of Java occurs, on a Windows PC, by having several versions of Java running on the system. When Java updates on Windows, it adds another version onto the system as opposed to simply upgrading the existing version. If this issue arises, open Control Panel on your system and open Add/Remove Programs. Find the Java Runtime versions on the system, then highlight each and remove them. Reboot your computer and re-start PROS from the Pounds Web site. This will check for Java on the system and prompt for a download and install.


The Add to Order button is not allowing me to click on it, but I have added images into the product and want to submit it.
If you have added images into a product but cannot add the item to the order, it means there is an empty image node or text option checked somewhere. You can override by holding down the ALT key (for PC) or the OPT key (for Mac) and the Add to Order button will become available with text “Add with Empty”. Please use caution when using this feature. You will be adding to your order with a blank area, many time this does not have a desirable effect.


What characters cannot be used in file names?
To avoid order delays, please make sure file names do not exceed 25 characters and do not contain: ampersands, apostrophes, commas, slashes or tildes.


When trying to finish an order, I am receiving a "...cannot find the path specified" for the .zip file, what causes this?
If you skipped the shortcut install, you can create the shortcuts from within Java Web Start's Application Cache Viewer. To get there, Click Start - Run and type javaws.exe and press the enter key. Find the PROS application you want a shortcut for and right-click on it. Select Install Shortcuts and they will be created. If using an older Java 1.4 version, right clicking will not get a response (you may also need to click view and select Downloaded Applications to see the right list). Instead, select the PROS application you want, click Applica- tion in the menu bar and select Create Shortcuts. To remove a shortcut, follow the same steps and select Unin- stall/Remove Shortcuts.


Images I am dropping onto products in PROS are darkened, hued, or not appearing. What's the problem?
Different cameras and their image extraction software will occasionally embed a non-RGB color space (like CMYK or proprietary ones) or add EXIF header data. In these cases, while the thumbnails appear fine, Java is unable to render the full image into a product - they will appear darkened, hued, or not render at all. Converting these images to standard sRGB in Photoshop and/or removing the EXIF header data will allow the image to be rendered in a product. The files must be saved as sRGB and saved as a JPG, Tiff or PNG file.


Can PROS work with RAW files?
No. It is suggested that you convert your RAW files into a JPEG file using Adobe Photoshop, IrfanView, your camera manufacturer‟s workflow software, or any other third-party application.


Do I have to crop my images in Photoshop prior to using PROS?
No. PROS enables you to create multiple prints with custom crops for each with just one image. With PROS, what you see on your screen is how your prints will appear. Be sure the prints are cropped how you want them to be prior to pressing the 'Add to Order' button.


On occasion, it may take hours to get an order confirmation e-mail. Other times, I get my e-mail almost immediately. Why?
Once our automated systems have successfully received and processed your digital order, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the default e-mail address Pounds has on file for that account. This process can take several hours, depending on the amount of orders being submitted at any given time. If for some reason you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours, please let us know.


Will PROS warn me if my file is not large enough for the print I'm ordering?
No. As a general rule, please note the suggested file sizes for each print size:

10 MB
20 MB
30 MB
40 MB

Anything larger than a 16x20 should have a file size over 40 megabytes. Anything smaller than a 5x7 should have a file size of at least 5 MB.


In the Review Order screen I see a field named Purchase Order. What is that?
Think of the Purchase Order (PO) field as a place to name your order. This name will help our customer ser- vice department search for your order if you do not know your work order number.


I'm using Windows Vista and PROS is not working properly. What do I do?
There are known compatibility issues between PROS and Vista. This can simply be resolved by downloading and installing Java 1.6 on your Vista machine.


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