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Pounds is a versatile lab - We know ordering systems are not one size fits all. That’s why we believe offering variety to our clients is important. Pounds provides multiple ordering tools:


PROS is the Pounds-powered flagship remote order entry system. Perfect for photographers requiring color correction and our full range of products.

PROS is perfect if:

  • You require image color correction by Pounds
  • You need senior and sports graphics
  • You need Pic A Pac products for sports and events
  • You require access to all Pounds products

Download PROS

Requires 1 GB of ram for installation, if you don't have that available download the smaller version.


Snap Logo

Snap is a streamlined ordering tool for photographers not requiring color correction.

Snap is perfect if:

  • You don’t need image color correction by Pounds
  • You need basic prints and finishing
  • You need fine art, gallery wraps, framed prints, and metal products
  • You need a fast and easy way to order Press Products

Download Snap


POP Logo

POP is a feature rich software providing the tools you need to design modern and stylish press products such as books, cards and calendars and submit to Pounds for production. Learn more about POP

Download POP for mac

Download POP for PC


Records Logo

Records software is optimal for volume sport, school and event photographers. Records has similar functionality as PROS with the added feature to enter order and subject information in a spreadsheet format that will be applied to packages for submission to Pounds. Learn more about Records

Download Records


Whatever kind of photography you specialize in, you can save time in your back-office with these convenient, online workflow solutions.